The Next 10 Things You Should Do For Money Earn App Success

With the quick payouts, I will definitely continue to use. I was worried this may be a scam, but $14 for less than an hour of work and same day pay? Thank you Observa!”

“**I am not a paid spokesperson for the company money earn app . In no way am I paid to write this review, but I’m so pleased that I couldn’t wait to get home and share!** 

First time working a job on this app and with this company. I read the description of the job I was eyeing and needed clarification. I emailed their support team who got back with me in less than 15 minutes—on a Sunday! They helped me with my question and I went about the job.

My advice: Read the instructions carefully. Double, no, triple check your work. As long as you’ve done everything as asked, you will be paid. Once they approve, you’re paid. Automatically. No rewards points, no waiting until you hit a certain amount to cash out, none of that. Automatic. Anxiously waiting for more jobs!”

“Just recently discovered this field work app. It’s, by far, one of the best!!!! They pay immediately, after the jobs are submitted and verified. Their support team responds to emails quickly, no matter what the problem or question might be. The $  earned, per job, is very fair, for the amount of work/time required to complete. 

The one and only drawback,I have noticed, is The total number of available jobs , in my area. Of course that varies depending upon where you live.”

I have used the app a couple of times in the last week and works just as advertised.  They have also been quickly responsive to my emails. I have sent 2 recommendations to add breweries and one to be removed because it is no longer operating. They have responded quickly and added the missing ones and removed the bad one real money earning apps . I am really enjoying it and it’s nice to have a map where you can find breweries.

This app (and the company) are amazing. You visit a craft brewery somewhere in the US, open the app, check in, answer a few questions and then get money deposited into your account for drinking beer! What better way to enjoy your favorite local breweries? Also, the team is amazing. I’ve emailed support with minor issues and suggestions and they’re great about getting back to me and fixing the issue.

Everything about this app, from the beta group to the real deal worked flawlessly. Last time I was at my local brewery I answered four quick questions, It might’ve taken two minutes, and was immediately rewarded with a couple bucks of free beer money. It took about 30 seconds to politely explain the payment process to the server. Good to go! Can’t wait to show all my craft beer buds. Text a beer is a great way to do that since they don’t need the app to receive a beer.