so that the various lists that I am using on that shopping trip can all be at the beginning (having my Everyday, Snickerdoodles, Scones lists on top of the lists so that I can easily toggle between them) I love this app. Top app store optimisation company This has truly been ‘Heaven Sent’ for me, bcuz a few yrs ago I had aBrain Aneurysm an I lost some memory with it. I have to make notes for everything so when I found this it really helped me out. You can add stores, add items, delete things, add the prices of things an all. I only wish they would create more apps like for Craft or Hobby Stores in your area as well as Pet stores, Electronic Stores with sales to add in your area. Keep up your great work.

I love this app, have been using it for a few months now. You can personalize essentially everything! You can add favorite items, store the cost of each item, and organize by aisle. There’s tons of options I’m still finding, all FREE! My favorite feature is being able to click the item you’ve just put in your cart which removes it from your “list” screen and puts it into your “cart” on the app. I can’t ask for more from a free app!

By far the best shopping list app aso services company I have used. It is so complete, organized and very user friendly. The pre-established aisle categories are pretty accurate. There are many brands already in the database, but it’s so easy to add a custom item. And all of my local store deals are in there. 10 years ago, I said “one day someone should invent a website where you can compare all of your local stores at one time” and now that we have apps, it’s even better.

Why is this the favorite app of a 29 year old man? Simple… It makes me look good in front of my wife. She knows I use the app but she still gives me the credit for actually going the extra mile and utilizing it. This app is my way of getting the once crazy routine of spending hours finding & clipping, plus the time of hand writing out lists. Easily top of the Mark when it comes to actual useful apps on the market.

This is the best app ever. I was using another app that was supposed to do the same thing as this one does, but it never worked. It didn’t load or anything. I have downloaded and deleted 7 other apps that were supposed to do the same thing. But now that I have this app it’s like heaven in an app. The only thing I have to say is to add more items from the stores. Like my local store has over 300 different items on its shelves in store. But this app only has about 170 items that it says are in store. But, it works for me. Just maybe add those other items.