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On both nights the app matched the perfect wine from the restaurant wine list. My guests enjoyed my wine selections so much we ordered more bottles. The amazing thing is that the wines selected by the app were not wines I might normally try, but the buy android rating gave me the confidence to order them anyhow and the results were amazing. This app is totally unlike any other wine app I’ve ever tried.

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As someone who isn’t a wine expert, I can feel unsure on what to order and intimidated by committing to a full bottle of wine at a restaurant. Not only does this app provide me with a sense of confidence in ordering wine but it also provides information about the types of varietals found on a specific wine list! Can’t wait for more cities to be added! Recommending this app to all family and friends..

My Wine Guide is a great app to pull out when you are sitting at a nice restaurant staring at a wine menu and have no idea what to pick for yourself or others! The app will recommend wines based on preferences you enter at the start and will allow you to keep track of wines you try. The app is easy to use and has also been a lot of fun for me! It has great information about the type of wine, wine region, and food pairings as well. Would definitely recommend giving it a try!

I’ve been using Qbit for about 6 weeks now, I came across it on Pinterest initially. I can honestly say it’s such a refreshing take on providing much needed feedback to food brands. No annoying survey questions at all, just a mic button for saying what comes to mind.  I’ve done reviews on kale chips, energy bars, Greek yogurt to name just a few. The actual review is easy and takes just a couple minutes, and after submitting they tell you it will be reviewed.  then a couple days later I got a notification that I received my paypal cash reward. I’ve had zero issues. 5 stars, highly recommended.

“Yeah, there aren’t many queries. But it’s first come, first serve. There is a new query about every 2 days, if you’re unlucky like me. But you get paid at least $1 right away. And for those of you who didn’t receive the money, you may need to check your email first. This is probably one of the best apps for getting money quickly to buy ios rating.

Just one suggestion: don’t make everything about politics. Some people don’t live in the USA”

So I downloaded THOUGHT BASE just a few days ago and so far the only thing REQUIRED is that I write reviews for anything I choose to search for ex: a certain zip code will pop up almost everything located under that zip code I click on it and give a DETAILED DESCRIPTION and send it in! THAT’S ALL & after reviewing 3 only 3 places I now have been paid $2.50 just a day later YOU CAN’T BEAT THAT I LOVE THIS APP

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