Destiny Leaked Update: Rumors of a summer DLC and Fall update

For the “Hillcrest Falcons” that take a particular interest for the popular game known as Destiny, you are about to have your mind blown.

Logo for Destiny

Moreover, for those that are familiar with the very recent “April Update” that came out this Tuesday on April 12th, there was a weekly news update that was posted by Bungie ( the makers of the game and is famous for the Halo franchise) that states this,

” The next point on the horizon is an update we’re cooking up in the Fall.” and, ” Hopefully, the ramp-up to the April Update served up some proof that we love speaking at length about new Destiny content, once it arrives at its final form. Later on this summer, we’ll show you the scope, scale, and flavour for the next challenge you’ll face.”

What we now know is that there is an update planned for the Fall, and my speculation is that there may as well be yet another expansion in the summer. Now, this part about later in the summer is in theory, so bear with me here for now.

Meanwhile, this excerpt of the news is a huge expansion for the 2016-17 roadmap that was mentioned in a previous article that was posted on February 11, 2016. Bungie writer David “Deej” Dague also quoted this,

“Beyond that, the team is focused on delivering a large expansion later this year, and a full Destiny sequel in 2017.”

I sure do hope that I am not mistaken when I theorize that the expansion later in the year that Bungie was talking about maybe indeed in the summertime.  To conclude, I for one am very happy that the roadmap for the coming year is now more detailed. If you liked this article, please make its “presence” known by telling your friends that love the game as much as I do.

In other words, please leave a comment. ( especially if you have something to bring to the table about my theory) By the way, for those that have not yet seen the new trailer that Bungie made about the April Update prior to its release, the video is below.