Free for all!


Smartphones sure have magical powers that can ease out any problem that comes our way these days. With the latest developments in the app market, it’s not surprising that we now have apps to earn free talktime. You read it right! You can now earn free talktime straight from your phone, and yes, without having to pay for a recharge to get that as an extra! 

But how?

We all know the stats that an average person spends over 4 hours on their smartphone – waking up in the morning to falling asleep at night, our lives revolve around our phones. To the limit that even our alarms are set on these devices. So when you get an opportunity to earn free talktime, you must make the most of it. The best apps in the market provide free talktime in return of finishing small and easy tasks that their app consists of.

These apps are real. 

Completely safe and trustworthy, you will find that your research will show how many people have benefited from them.When you search for such apps, you will find that the list is endless and the options can be quite confusing. 

If you’re too confused, then look for the one with the best rating and the most awesome reviews. These reviews that have been posted by other regular users will be proof enough that the app has been downloaded and used by others. Any worthy app will have a decent amount of downloads, ratings and good reviews. These stats are based on real people using the app and writing these reviews, you will be able to connect with the reviews more rather than trying to connect with the app’s description in the app market. 

In reality, most of these apps offer free talktime with  just a few small tasks like watching a video or installing an app. You can also share the app with your contact list and get extra talktime that depends on the amount of people who use the code that you send them.

When you become a regular user, you will get better offers than when you first started using that app. And when you find that the app is worthy, you should also write a review for other potential users to get more clarity. A lot of times, though, some apps do not give you what was promised and discourage you into trying other apps. In that case, you should know that not all of these apps are bad. Just make sure that you research well for the next one. 


Now that the industry biggies are also offering good deals on talktime on their apps, it should be proof enough that the process is genuine and that you can actually find an app that has been used before. You can use these apps while taking a lunch break at work or while your daily commute to work. These apps are a great way to earn more talktime rather than wasting money on it.