App analysis – ASO for Share Chat

Not only app development but also app marketing has become one of the crucial aspects for an app to perform well in the crowded app market.

App Store optimization has become one of the most important tools to market and to place your app well in the various App Store platforms to make sure you get more downloads and connect with a large number of users.

In this blog, let’s analyse aso for sharechat.

Share chat is an Indian social media platform or app which is available on both Google and Apple App Store currently with more than 60 million + active monthly users across 15 languages of India.

ASO for sharechat is done by one of India’s leading ASO company

Here we are considering various on-metadata and off-metadata factors in reference to their current performance in the app store.

Keyword and search results

  1. As you know more than 60% of new app downloads are from direct keyword search results, let’s type keyword Sharechat and check the results?

Here’s the result,

  • It ranks #1 in search results.
  • Even amidst 3 million apps in the google play store, sharechat app is placed well in the category and optimised with the right keywords.
  • As you can see related to the search section, the app is i.e., MoJ is also developed by sharechat. 

Having keywords in the title is an added advantage and here’s the proof.

To conclude, sharechat has high visibility and high ranking in search results.

This is what every App developers and ASO companies look for. 

Well done Sharechat and Nextaso, congratulations on your first milestone.

  1. App page 

Once we click on the app we enter the app page on the Google Play app store.

The things that catch the eyeballs are 

  • app title,
  • app icon, 
  • rating and reviews, 
  • number of downloads and 
  • the visual aspect – the app screenshots.

Let’s analyse information 

  • Rating’s fair – 4.4 / 5
  • Downloads – 100M+ that’s huge
  • Screenshots – Coney unique features 

Overall – Good going.

  • What’s missing – a video preview, (why to miss, when you can have one)
  1. Rating and Reviews –

When we scroll through the app page, we can see the number of reviews and ratings for the app.

Most of the recent ratings aren’t fair, here the developer needs to reply to reviews that build credibility and need to take these as feedback for further improvements and updates.

Sharechat – You got some work here!

  1. Description

4000 Characters are allowed in the Description space 

It’s where you provide a jot down summary about your app and even placing keywords in the description is an essential part for app store algorithm scanning.

As we can see, the description is briefed in a skimmable manner using paragraphs, bullet points and emoji. Good job there.

Here they have mentioned about app features, language supported, and few interesting and influencing words that trigger action.  

So, good work here.


In 5 years, sharechat has shown tremendous growth.

The Highlight factor about the Sharechat app is it can be used in 15 different Indian languages, and that’s a beautiful way to connect with a wider audience.

Understanding the social media platform usage by Indians, Sharechat has designed the App to give users the best app experience.

ASO for sharechat – Powered with the best ASO strategies the app has proven maximum download, that is, the app has achieved more than 100M+ downloads, this is what every app in the app store aims for.

If you are a sharechat user let us know what did you find good about it.