Why do you need a good LinkedIn company profile!

Many big brands spend millions of dollars on marketing campaigns to attract new users by adopting techniques like influencer marketing, paid advertising, and social media marketing. Even with spending a lot of money on this, they don’t attract potential customers to a good extent. The main reason for this is to forget the simple concept of app store optimization services.

Many app developers think that big brands like Spotify, LinkedIn, and Snapchat which are good in figuring out these UA techniques are no1 in their respective niches.

Let me get to the point when a new user who has no idea about a particular app, and wants to search for “job search app” and types job search in the play store or search engines, the first app that pops up is” LinkedIn”

With almost 443 million dollars revenue turn over every year, LinkedIn is the no1 app in providing jobs and promoting businesses.  

Why do you think it is the no1 app?

The secret lies with app store optimization techniques it uses.

It works with the best app store optimization techniques and here’s a quick look on a few strategies of app store optimization LinkedIn.

Linkedin is the topmost social media platform that nearly gives leads to 97% business in the entire world. So we can understand how big this business is and what you have to do to leverage your business on LinkedIn.

  1. Create a good company page: 

A good company page should be convincing to the users. Writing the basic facts and details about the company is not a catchy description. try to create a company profile page LinkedIn. The app store optimization LinkedIn is designed in a way that the first two lines of description are shown on the company profile page. You have to grab the attention of the user within the two lines. Create an appropriate description that conveys details about your company and its offerings.

  1. Focus on the target audience:

Linkedin is like the best job search app in the market. So when you create a business page, understand who you want to target and what you have to do to attract them. The target audience can be selected based on job title, geographic location, and company title.

  1. Optimize your company page at its best:

Optimizing your company page on both the LinkedIn website and the official website helps you attract traffic which focuses on searching companies using search engines. Optimizing a company page is an integral part of the LinkedIn marketing strategy as well as app store optimization services.

  1. To solidify app store optimization LinkedIn, try to create an inbound link profile that links the company profile page to the official website.
  1. Linkedin provides an amazing feature called “competitors to track”, it also provides metrics to compare like, number of followers, follower growth rate, and social media engagement. These help in understanding where you stand in the competition.


Linkedin is like a bag of opportunities that help your brand to connect with the right audience and senior influencers. When app store optimization LinkedIn is done right it can become a powerful marketing tool that helps in building brand awareness and selling your products and services.