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At the same time—actually the reason I wrote this—I really hate the new logo. It’s cheesy and unappealing; the shape of the center circle and the unrecognizable fox make the app look a lot like a cheap chrome copycat, which it isn’t. For the specific applications I mentioned above, Firefox is clearly superior to chrome and I wish Firefox wouldn’t downgrade what was once an appealing logo to copy them. I’ve been using Mozilla stuff since the mid-2000s, including the initial Firefox launch, on my Macs. That level of experience might make me biased, but I find Firefox a much more comfortable UX over the clunky alternatives. I’d prefer fewer updates and no click-thrus for update info, which can feel a tad dumbed down, but such is life. Overall, Mozilla has done a good job satisfying its core users and outlasted things like rebranded Opera and Explorer for a reason. If you’re an art person like me, it meshes well. I’m not a plant or paid, just my opinion on what works for me. I like alternatives, and if Firefox keeps providing it with quality I’ll keep using it buy android ratings

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Firefox is my go-to browser across multiple platforms, and has been since its initial release. The experience on mobile is generally pretty solid; given I’ve never experienced (or able to recall) issues with the app. One thing I’d like to see as a feature is ProtonMail as a mail option in-app. Not sure if this is pending support from ProtonMail itself, or just something that hasn’t been added to the roadmap. But it’d be a nice addition. RATING #4 – ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ 01/2020 Very Nice. Someone’s been working hard … because they’ve added quite a few features to the App (which can really make things wonky) but everything appears to be working very smoothly. For example, I had blood drawn today at 12PM EST and the Phlebotomist told me the results had to be shipped to a Lab, tested and when they were complete, I’d receive a notification. Well, at 11:20PM EST I received a notification telling me I could view the results. RATING #3 – ⭐️⭐️⭐️

Apparently they’re letting the HMO’s buy android installs advertise all sorts of Medical Services from within the App (an unwise move which the Developers should have foreseen). So, I suddenly began getting notifications (until I shut them off entirely) from this App only to find out it was my HMO notifying me they now offer ½ off nose-jobs on Thursday or some other ridiculous thing. RATING #2 – ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ I decided to give it another try and wow was I surprised! It makes managing your test results, medical information and appointments so easy. RATING #1 – ⭐️ When I first tried it, I found it to be severely lacking in multiple categories, but I kept it on my device awaiting an upgrade and used my browser instead.Finally shows sent mail and whether it has been read by staff or not. Collects all kinds of data in one place that you need. Not perfect, but still indispensable: 5 stars but could still use major work. Example: e-checkin allows you to add/delete meds, allergies, conditions before your appointment when you have the info handy, but this data doesn’t appear on the clinic’s computer for the doctor once you get there

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