The two main vital user acquisition strategies used by the best ASO agency is

· App store optimization services

· Paid campaigns


App store optimization services used by best ASO agency have a very different nature when compared to paid campaigns. Aso is a cost-effective marketing method. It can be used anytime, even when your launching your app or already launched app. It mainly relies on increasing the app’s rank in search results giving it more discoverability in the app store. This finally gives more potential users when compared to the paid campaigns.

The best part about ASO is that it does not cost anything, even though it has many benefits compared to paid campaigns. Furthermore, the users who search your app and use it are said to utilize it more than those who see it. Out of all this, ASO is an ever-changing and a little complicated process, which requires more effort and patience. It is highly effective in the long term and does not immediately show results like paid campaigns.


Paid user acquisitions are a method that is used to promote your app using monetary investment by best aso agencies. It is a method used by the app marketers to promote your app, in various platforms using ads. On the other hand, using only ASO services as soon as the app launches is not an effective method, it’s important to use paid campaigns at the start because it helps to gain a little popularity among the people.

However, the results are not as much as we compare to ASO services. It is only helpful if you are interested completely, and your app budget is supporting a properly paid campaign. While this method helps, there is no permanent or long-time results and might not always attract the right customers.

How they both impact each other?

While every app should use ASO services in the market, paid campaigns are mostly used to gain users’ launching. When you are launching your app, for sure, it doesn’t have any installs or downloads and paid campaigns to come into the hand at this point. This helps make your app popular through ads on various platforms and increases the users by attracting traffic.

Once you get a greater number of downloads or conversion rates, this helps in the great discoverability of the app and helps in ranking high. Even if you have paid campaigns, if your customers cannot get your app in the app store search results, it is a mere wastage. So, it’s vital to have app store optimization services to help your app rank high in search results. Once a user visits your app page, you still need to convince him to download it. This can only be achieved through the app page content optimization.


When ASO services when implemented properly brings effective and considerable results. So, it’s wise for every app developer to get ASO services for their app. It would help if you learned how to make things work with different strategies and develop creative ideas. Only then you can see effective results.

Having a good ASO team that provides class ASO services is a must to every app in the market.